¡We need YOU!

HOHCA is currently recruiting teachers and volunteers for the 2019-2020 school year. We are looking for individuals who love the Lord, love children, and have a passion for Education. Here are some of the following needs:

  • English teachers- All grade levels

  • PE, Music, Art, Computer, and other specialty teachers

  • IT, web design, social media coordinator

  • Instructional Facilitator

  • High School Academic Coordinator

  • SPED Coordinator

  • Classroom teachers

  • Mentor/Spiritual Life Coordinator for 7th-12th grade boys

  • Mentor/Spiritual Life Coordinator for 7th-12th grade girls

Whether you are a recent graduate or have some experience, we would love to have you serve the Lord beside us at HOHCA! While our volunteer teachers have to fundraise to cover their living expenses in Ecuador, we can also offer a small stipend to help. Have student loans? Not a problem, you can either request a deferment for your year in Ecuador OR fund raise to help pay back your loans while you are here. Most people are happy to help you take care of that, when they hear what you are doing. We require a commitment of one-school year. Our 2020-2021 school year begins mid-August, we would love to have you this year, but we are also recruiting for next year 2021-2022 as well. We also need summer volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more please contact us to ask questions or set up a Skype meeting:

You can email Julie Kelley, directly at julie.kelley@hohca.edu.ec

Hear from a volunteer teacher about the experience…

Amanda Brace joined HOHCA for a one-year commitment immediately following her graduation from Lubbock Christian University. Amanda has been a full-time ESL teacher for 4th-6th graders at our school. She has poured herself out for these students and done an excellent job at class room management, improving English, building relationships, and teaching her students about Christ. Hear from Amanda about her experience directly:


“Where do I even begin?  My time at the Academy has been life-changing in the least cliché way that I can put it.  This place is as welcoming and challenging as it gets.  My bosses have been supportive of new ideas, encouraging of the good happening, and constructive (in the best way) of what to do better.  There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with not teaching to a standardized test, which I find really stimulating.  For this, and so many other reasons, this is an incredible learning environment for new teachers.  Above everything else, though, these kids are, just, the bomb.  They are what keep you going even on your hardest days.  They are so eager in everything they do, and they love without abandon.  Don’t get me wrong, they will push your buttons just like kids all over the world do, but is it worth it?  More than words can say, my friends.”